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Chili Garlic Hot Sauce (aka Sriracha Hot Sauce) Recipe

  Precaution: PPE (not a joke), you need a pair of goggles and wear a mask if you intend to make real deal hot sauce 1.  In a saucepan, medium roast some chili flakes until you start smelling the spice (I use Sichuan chili flakes, this part is optional but will give better flavor).  Never use high heat as it will burn the chili flakes.  The ratio to fresh chilis is around 1:10 (i.e. 1 part of chili flakes to 10 part of fresh chilis) 2.  Add a batch of good chilis into a saucepan with just enough water to cover the chilis+ 10% more, bring it to boil and simmer it until softened.   3. Lower to medium heat and based on the cooked down chili 'soup', add approximately 50-60% of rice vinegar*, 10%-18% sugar, 5% salt, 12%-18% garlic powder.  I use garlic powder as it gives a bit of garlic sweet to it.  Fresh garlic may not have the right balance of flavor and consistency which often over power the chili sauce.  I may add 5%-10% fresh garlic when I can find good garlic from a produce

What you should know about sriracha sauce

 Image credit: CookieAMA mobile app For whatever reasons hot sauce and chili cook-outs seem to always be a hit among tech teams.  Hot sauce, chills, chili cook-outs, hot sauce challenges ... etc.   It is funny to see those with reflective skin always brag about food in scoville units while the naturally sun protected skin group are always gobbling up without a sweat and back to their desk asap.   Our GM used to bring his own blend of chili mix to our lunch meetings and there were always people who couldn't wait to kiss up how special and spicy it was.  I arrived late due to a production issue at one of the lunch meetings and was seated next to my GM and crap! there it was his special blend of chili peppers.  As always people kept asking for it to keep my GM happy but when he gave it to me, I passed it on to my colleague and he was not pleased.  I was known to have rare allergy issues so it was easy for me to say 'I can't take any chance not showing up at work later.'  

Google Domains, we are dead to you ...

It 'only' took Google seven years to take Google Domains out of beta in March this year.  Given their forever beta reputation, it was great news we could finally get comfortable with Google Domains for domain registration.  The service is relatively easy to set up especially for small businesses or personal sites which all you need is a custom domain name with blogger service or static web hosting.   Guess what? It was out of beta just so they could hand it to Squarespace as a 'final' product.  Seriously, W.T.F.     The sketchy part in the email is 'After this migration period Squarespace will be solely responsible for providing domain services to you.'.  Damn! the classic 'you are dead to me'.  Squarespace is a web site hosting company not a domain or web services providers.  We can't find any information whether they will start charging domain hosting as a separate service or all domain hosting will be part of the web site hosting (i.e. $23/month o

App store rejected my app! HELP!

Image Credit: CookieAMA mobile app Ideally, you don't want to come to me for this type of advice 😓 Developers usually went online and found mostly depressing comments such as less than 1% would appeal, never heard from apple, have been waiting for weeks without any replies ... etc. You should know better by now those comments did not have any merit.    I had helped a company to appeal their app which was rejected by the app store initially.  The company filed an appeal and was approved successfully in 3 days in 2023.  The developer was very upset when he saw the email and already accepted his fate that nothing could be done especially after reading things online, reddit ... etc.   If your app was rejected by the app store, sounds corny but seriously, do not freak out.  Most developers jumped to the conclusion thinking their apps were perfect and WT#.  Unless you don't want to or don't care to solve the problem, you need to calm down and start looking into in what criteria