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Using mobile games for eye and mental health exercises

It was just a few years ago when we were still debating the use of mobile games for cognitive and visual exercise especially among seniors.  It has now been very clear more seniors have access and have adapted to a relatively small mobile screen for the convenience of communication, accessing information, and for entertainment such as gaming.  I have been following this company, BumbleMeow (I like and have permission to use their CookieAMA images for my blog's illustration) and I am glad to see they posted a tech talk for this exact topic.  If you are interested in or have work related to cognitive and visual exercises, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes to check out this tech talk ( Alternative uses of BebeBoop beyond a mobile game ).  K nowing how to leverage this mobile game, users may use it for mind refreshing, stress relief, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, eye strain relief among other cognitive and visual trainings.   It is very hard to find mobile games,

Is the most wonderful time of the year ... for scammers 😖

The holiday season is in full swing, so are scammers unfortunately.  I wish I could visit more community centers helping seniors and other more vulnerable groups.  It is shameful for scammers to target seniors (you will grow old one day too, dip s*).  It is frustrating seeing people, especially seniors, keep getting scammed compromising their identities, personal information, safety, and savings.   Old school scammers used to be easily identified and still spamming low effort scams through email accounts with hideous typos and low quality images.  However, we now have to deal with more sophisticated scammers with high quality images, realistic looking fake web-sites, spoofed email senders ... etc.   It is extremely challenging to help others avoid being the next victim. 1.   Too much time, too little things to do We know not to open or read spam emails.  Who has time for it anyway? Bingo!  No matter how many times you warn them not to open or click on any unknown emails and links, seni