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Comparing Native macOS with Objective-C, Qt and Electron for desktop development

Screenshot courtesy of Original article: It is not a surprise for the company to pick Objective-C for their macOS development (~duh).  It definitely LMAO comparing a typical hello world app, Electron uses  120,000% more disk space and 400% more memory than using Objective-C 😂.   I agree with their engineer Electron is a beefy tool for any lightweight app development as if using a cleaver for spreading butter but it is still ... comical 🤣.  It reminds me of using Unity vs Godot developing mobile games.  The overhead from Unity is ridiculous but one may argue Unity is meant for desktop gaming.   As for engineers, would you dare not to learn and master Unity or pick Godot if you are serious about getting work?  Many engineers choose languages, tools, IDE, platforms ... etc. not based on what best meets their product requirements but what to put on their resume or what they are most familiar with to get the s* done