Chili Garlic Hot Sauce (aka Sriracha Hot Sauce) Recipe


Precaution: PPE (not a joke), you need a pair of goggles and wear a mask if you intend to make real deal hot sauce

1.  In a saucepan, medium roast some chili flakes until you start smelling the spice (I use Sichuan chili flakes, this part is optional but will give better flavor).  Never use high heat as it will burn the chili flakes.  The ratio to fresh chilis is around 1:10 (i.e. 1 part of chili flakes to 10 part of fresh chilis)

2.  Add a batch of good chilis into a saucepan with just enough water to cover the chilis+ 10% more, bring it to boil and simmer it until softened.  

3. Lower to medium heat and based on the cooked down chili 'soup', add approximately 50-60% of rice vinegar*, 10%-18% sugar, 5% salt, 12%-18% garlic powder.  I use garlic powder as it gives a bit of garlic sweet to it.  Fresh garlic may not have the right balance of flavor and consistency which often over power the chili sauce.  I may add 5%-10% fresh garlic when I can find good garlic from a produce stand or farmers' market.

4.  Bring the chili 'soup' back to boil and let it cook on medium high for another 5 minutes to boil off the 'sharp' taste from the vinegar.  Remove the chili 'soup' from the heat.

5.  Always taste test your hot sauce as chills, vinegar, garlic, sometimes even sugar and water may taste different at times.  This is the same reason why a recipe would not go by weight or quantity but ratio.  Never use spoon, pick something small (such as tip of a chopstick, toothpick ... etc.) with a glass of cold water handy.   

6.  Depending on the amount you make, you may use an immersion blender directly in a saucepan or put it in the blender for a small quantity.

7.  Keep it in a refrigerator.  A bottle of 32oz at my house may last 3-4 weeks so I never get to the point of spoiling/molding. 

* I use a specific brand of imported rice vinegar and buy it by the case to age them

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