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Exchanging 'secret' messages, photos, movies and more using base64

Encoded a mp4 using OEDcoder For work Sometimes you may want to make your messages less obvious to be reviewed by others.  Exchanging images or 'not so friendly' messages can have deadly consequences.  They may accidentally show up on your screen or preview at the most inconvenience time such as someone is watching over your shoulder or when you are projecting your screen during meetings.   I always remember to turn on 'do not disturb' during meetings but email previews still get me from time to time when I need to dig through emails.  It is common for us exchanging emails and images with base64 encoding to prevent s* from happening.  It is not a password protected attachment but rather displaying a meaningless text string in preview without catching attention and discouraging any nosy people.  Would it be too obvious to know they are 'secret' messages?  Yes and No depends on your role.  My role is expected to send large files with base64 segments or receive bas

How to send unsupported file type attachments or oversize files via emails using base64

Most company email exchanges have file size limits and block sending or receiving zip files, media files or other 'unknown' file types within or outside the company network.  You may not necessarily realize any restrictions until you feel like a fool when you emailed your clients without the expected attachments.   Some companies may create file sharing with public endpoints allowing you to upload, download and share with your clients outside the company network.  However, this also assumes your recipients do not have the similar policies for uploading or downloading files outside their network given zip or unknown file types are always red-flagged.   Some may suggest changing the file extension to .txt or other known file extensions.  Does it work?  Sometimes but don't bet on it.   Even it may work the first couple times but will eventually get caught, it's just a matter of time.  Base64 encoding any file type to text is your best bet.  It increases the file size ~25%

Decoding 10,000 files in 12 seconds???

I got a chance to try the pre-release version of this base64 encoding/decoding macOS app, "OEDcoder" last week.  This company released 2 free mobile games last year.  I thought they were into mobile games and design but they surprised me with a high performance macOS app. Investigating production issues to decode those base64 encoded images from logs and databases manually was a pain.  We couldn't use online decoding services (obviously) while CLI was slow and clumsy.  Any decent developers could script it for simple decoding tasks but we ran into different problems when handling large file sizes or bulk processing.  I wish I could have this app when I used to get calls reviewing those damn base64 encoded production snapshots.  For $5, this app solves both image decoding and bulk processing for web development.   I would pay my entire team and PM, PdM, BA ... etc. a license out of my pocket so they could view any images themselves.  Using CLI is not difficult but try doin