Using mobile games for eye and mental health exercises

It was just a few years ago when we were still debating the use of mobile games for cognitive and visual exercise especially among seniors.  It has now been very clear more seniors have access and have adapted to a relatively small mobile screen for the convenience of communication, accessing information, and for entertainment such as gaming.  I have been following this company, BumbleMeow (I like and have permission to use their CookieAMA images for my blog's illustration) and I am glad to see they posted a tech talk for this exact topic.  If you are interested in or have work related to cognitive and visual exercises, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes to check out this tech talk (Alternative uses of BebeBoop beyond a mobile game).  Knowing how to leverage this mobile game, users may use it for mind refreshing, stress relief, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, eye strain relief among other cognitive and visual trainings.  

It is very hard to find mobile games, especially a true free-to-all with no catches yet also be so vigilant about their design catering all users.  They postponed launching a paid utility desktop app to publish the tech talk and a major release of BebeBoop just in time for the holidays.  I hope you enjoy reading the article as much as I do.  If you like their work, download the game, leave reviews and spread the word (like I do here) to show your appreciation.  Otherwise, it is still a better few minutes read than the self-directed Prince (former) Harry chaos.  

For developers, the mobile game market is almost impossible for start-ups (if you have not read my article, "The IFC mobile game - good apps that did not sell").  BumbleMeow does not make profit or sell user data through their games but is funded by other technology projects.   As their tech talk points out referencing a formal research, both young adults and older adults use mobile phones and tablets (older adults) regularly for gaming.  Understanding the market divided by genres and platforms may shed a light about the potential of developing mobile games ... if you are a fighter.