Decoding 10,000 files in 12 seconds???

I got a chance to try the pre-release version of this base64 encoding/decoding macOS app, "OEDcoder" last week.  This company released 2 free mobile games last year.  I thought they were into mobile games and design but they surprised me with a high performance macOS app.

Investigating production issues to decode those base64 encoded images from logs and databases manually was a pain.  We couldn't use online decoding services (obviously) while CLI was slow and clumsy.  Any decent developers could script it for simple decoding tasks but we ran into different problems when handling large file sizes or bulk processing.  I wish I could have this app when I used to get calls reviewing those damn base64 encoded production snapshots.  For $5, this app solves both image decoding and bulk processing for web development.   I would pay my entire team and PM, PdM, BA ... etc. a license out of my pocket so they could view any images themselves.  Using CLI is not difficult but try doing this when you were in the hot seat being roasted by angry partners, a sea of red monitoring alarms, or your KPIs were tanking faster than you could type.  You would know why I wish I could have this app and would pay for my teams to have a copy.  

There are open source encoding/decoding scripts or CLI plug-ins available but nothing compare to this performance.  The simple UI really keeps business and tech support in mind.  The OEDcoder makes it so easy for them to drag and drop or cut and paste to view and save decoded images instantly.  I tried to break the app with a couple of 13GB video files (26GB total) encoding 🤭 which would break everything including CLI.  BUT OEDcoder just crunched them all in 70 seconds while I was running Azure Data Studio querying and iMessaging at the same time.  I don't have 10K files to decode or encode but their product preview says it all.  

According to the company, BumbleMeow, they are going to run a launch sale (not sure the % of discount).  The app is worth more than $6 and I will have no trouble expensing it through my company.  However, I definitely would not mind a discount for personal use. 

Updated on 4/18

The app "OEDcoder" is now available on the mac app store.  As expected, the company BumbleMeow runs a launch promotion 50% off the regular price $5.99 to $2.99 for 2 weeks.  They also offer education discount.   Visit for more information.

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