Comparing Native macOS with Objective-C, Qt and Electron for desktop development

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It is not a surprise for the company to pick Objective-C for their macOS development (~duh).  It definitely LMAO comparing a typical hello world app, Electron uses 120,000% more disk space and 400% more memory than using Objective-C 😂.   I agree with their engineer Electron is a beefy tool for any lightweight app development as if using a cleaver for spreading butter but it is still ... comical 🤣.  It reminds me of using Unity vs Godot developing mobile games.  The overhead from Unity is ridiculous but one may argue Unity is meant for desktop gaming.   As for engineers, would you dare not to learn and master Unity or pick Godot if you are serious about getting work? 

Many engineers choose languages, tools, IDE, platforms ... etc. not based on what best meets their product requirements but what to put on their resume or what they are most familiar with to get the s* done.  For a very long time (and even now in some cases) requirements in job postings are bloated with technology keywords  (java, cloud, full-stack, ruby on rails, python, c++, GO, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS ... etc.).  Game development - Unity? 3D modeling - Blender (ok, this is legit) but you get the idea engineers need to keep their skills competitive especially who knows when you can't log in or your key card won't let you into the building one day right? Tech jobs are mostly at-will and it is super brutal, period.

It is more fun to read with better learning cases from small companies than big tech who only push for 'the latest and greatest'.  Perhaps this is why big tech fancy people with start-up or entrepreneurship experience for hiring.  

If I owned the same app, I personally would go with Qt for cross-platform targeting broader audiences and market.  This is not to mention unlike iOS apps, you can't advertise or promote macOS apps within the app store 😱 (what...?!).    I can't think of any better base64 encoding/decoding tool than OEDcoder in the market that can even come close to similar performance.    I hope the company may consider distributing their app to other platforms in the future and you have my vote for Qt.