Every re-org comes with extra mile(s)


"We don't even care whether or not we care"

It sums up those who have been working in tech for years witnessing never ending re-orgs becoming emotionless.  New boss, new policies, new directions with more responsibilities, oh ... I mean extra mile(s). 
The definition of extra mile is all the work you are 'willing' to take on outside your role and responsibilities unwillingly (in many cases) in addition to your personal goals, team goals, company goals, stretch goals ... etc.  It is a pyramid scheme in tech.  The CEO wants x, your GM wants y+x, a pool of managers/directors want z*+x+y, and everyone gets the x,y,z* plus whatever you signed yourself up for. You are so passionated about accomplishing something at the beginning of the year but half way or a few months later, WHAM! a re-org hits then either all your existing goals become irrelevant or worse, a double whammy mounting with twice, triple, quadruple of the x,y,z* until the year end.  Your self assessment and performance review would sure be full of surprises (or full of s*).  At least you made it! 

'You are dead to me' does not just apply to those who quit but to those who no longer owns your ass.  If your leadership was sacked, no one would fight for you at the performance review anyway so no need to panic and better luck next year.   If your leadership survived, you were in a better place (generally speaking) so no need to panic either.  I am one of the most economical worker bees, high up enough to be inconvenient to sack but not enough to make significant contribution to any downsizing.   I am not exempt from the tech pyramid scheme but smart enough to write my personal and stretch goals as ambiguously as possible leaving more room for 'improvement' throughout the year.   New college hires are very passionate yet vulnerable about working for big tech so I just don't have a heart to give them the pep talk ... yet.   Soon enough the pyramid scheme works its way down, and any changes above your chain of command you will get a share of it.  New or experienced hires usually are 4- 5 levels below absorbing most of the additional responsibilities (aka extra miles).    Some saw me sitting in my office emotionless thinking I might have 'insider' information.  After witnessing so many re-orgs and transfers of power, 'We don't even care whether or not we care'.  It is just a job (HB-1s, sorry).

When I saw the protest in France recently, I finally got a third person view of how I must have been seen sitting calmly with my coffee when fires were set around me.

One must learn the balance between caring enough to get your job done but not enough to make yourself miserable.  It is not worth putting yourself in harms way for a job.  There should be life outside work.  Go find one if you don't.  As an ancient one (like Morla in the NeverEnding Story) in tech:

 Image credit: CookieAMA mobile app