Salvaging projects

Image credit: CookieAMA mobile app

A software company decided to merge two failed CRMs and marketed it as a new product.  It is not algebra where multiplying two negatives becomes a positive.  This is no different than expecting a couple sets of horribly bad genes produces a genius miraculously.  Of course we knew it was an attempt at salvaging two failures but it was still piles of s* when you were assigned to work on it.  There are always causalities, just a matter of how many if not all.

Salvaging projects/products is a common practice but very few succeed and more often result in sacking those hardworking employees who were assigned to the impossible.  Some may jump the ship before its sunk (you are a d* but I can understand).  When more people left, the remaining ones worked half ass looking for their lifesavers while all H-1Bs got all the 'thoughts and prayers'.  The probability of salvaging two failures at this point was doomed.   Tasks started moving offshore and letting 'nature' take its course (i.e. the end of salvaging value over time and shut them down quietly) or when the offshore contract was up, which ever came first.   On-site literally worked two jobs, their day-time projects and more 'collaboration' with offshore teams at night.  We did not just re-define work hours but re-invented the number of possible hours in a day or a week.  This is the beginning of 25, 26, 27 ... hrs/day and welcome to the twilight zone. 

I could only say this is the tech circle of life.  Don't bet on your luck but be prepared landing on salvaging projects/products.  It is nothing personal but s* happens.