Wasps are unsung heroes with a badass outfit

Seriously, how ignorant can one get still denying wasps are beneficial insects with a badass outfit?  They are the best natural pest control, the generous pollinators (aka pollen junkie), and the soil aerators!  No matter how hard we tried to explain to our neighbors, they had already made up their mind wasps are bad and should be eliminated, period!  The wasps massacre happens every year whether professionally done or 'IED' by my neighbors.  Yet wasps come back every year while they keep complaining fleas and ticks in their backyard.  And you wonder why? We never had ticks and fleas problems in our backyard because we never went crazy killing wasps who meant to help the ecosystem including pest control naturally.

We couldn't stop our neighbors from killing wasps at their property but the owner dropped an 'IED' to our front yard years ago at least 10ft away from their property line.  I was furious and made sure they knew it was not helping and definitely NOT welcome.  That poison s* not just killed a nation of wasps who were already approaching their final term (around fall) but it also poisoned our soil which likely killed our Maple tree and other plants.   The killing just keeps going every year and it is heart breaking.   Last year, they hired a professional crew to mass murder wasps again.  The crew knocked on our door and offered a group discount.  !@#4&(*  The preparation seemed particular 'rambo' and the smell was horrifying which we had to keep our windows closed.  My mind kept spinning all those little insects who were crying and running for their life and had no idea why they were being hunted down for doing their jobs for nature.    Days later, we noticed a gigantic wasp nest in our front yard.  It was at least 2ft tall and no way we could figure out how deep it was (wasp 101, stay the f* out of it).  I felt a bit of a relief as some wasps escaped and came to our yard for help.  Luckily it was right behind a huge rosemary and literally hiding in plain sight aside from the audible noise when you went near it.   It was a strategic location and I was impressed how quickly they could build a mega nest.  No one should be walking in our front yard especially there were different shrubs and plants around it.  They were (gone) weeks later naturally, a circle of life. 

Had I been stung before? Yes! I felt as if I got shocked by a 220v leaky toaster when I was a kid!  It was however an honest mistake as they tried to build a nest on my car when I opened the back door without noticing them.    Lesson learnt, I parked my car away from tall daisies and checked the doors before opening them.  After all, wasps only get to live less than a month while a queen may live up to a year.  Have a heart even if they hang out at some inconvenient locations.  Wasps are beneficial insects with a short lifespan.  They are not herpes they absolutely will not and cannot love you long time!

A few days ago, I smelled something strange and thought my neighbor was using some sort of chemical fertilizer or pesticide.   When I walked up to my car in the evening, I saw a wasp sitting on my car's hood resting.  I went back to check on it the next day, it was (gone) tucking into a gap of the hood.  Sigh*, the smell was the neighbor's annual killing spree.  We have a lot of wild birds in the area so at least they didn't eat any poisoned insects accidentally 🤞.  I wish I could do more but I could not control what the neighbors did within their property other than giving a final resting place to the wasp in our yard respectfully.  The unsung hero with a badass outfit, RIP. 

There is no BS about wasps are unsung heroes.  Here are some references:

... and more

I hope there are more nature friendly neighbors who put out signs to warn others about wasp nests if they are too close to the sidewalk without disturbing or destroying them.  How about pets?  They can't read signs?!  Animals know how to coexist with nature.  We have dogs and they never have trouble with wasp nests or bees, same with wild bunnies, deers, birds ... etc.  Even if wasps hang out at some inconvenient locations, keep in mind they have a short lifespan and they won't and can't stay for a long time.  Wasps are not crazy, they won't just sting you for fun.  They are your garden's besties, the beneficial insects with a badass outfit which we can all learn how to live together peacefully.